video: modern domestic

Modern Domestic is the solace that all sewers, wannabe sewers, and fashion creatives have been searching for. The moment you walk through the doors, you are greeted with excellent décor, a raspberry pink wall, and the smiling faces of Modern Domestic sewers. Friday night open sew is the place to be, especially at only $10 for the evening. Machines buzz steadily throughout the night and wine and PG Tips tea are ready to be imbibed. An overhead loft supplies 8 more machines and tons of creative space. A myriad of sewing classes awaits you, and is the events list is updated often. DIY undies, anyone? The most exciting class has to be the “Good night and get lucky! Camisoles and Panties” coming up on May 16th, taught by Sally Hess.

Modern Domestic offers a wide range of useful and adorable sewing supplies, ranging from bizarre looking contraptions to iron any seam to perfection, whether it be a shoulder on a jacket, a pleat on a skirt, or a cantankerous hem, to handmade pincushions and the coolest magnetic wristlet imaginable. There are innumerable ways to prevent death-by-stepping-on-pins here. I can already envision myself on my hands and knees, waving my new magnetic wristlet around the floor, hoping to attract any potentially life-threatening pins. Modern Domestic offers an assortment of sewing classes, a serger (hard to come by!), eager sewing helpers at all times, and the most beautiful space imaginable.

Modern Domestic 1408 NE Alberta St Portland, OR 97211 (503) 808-9900
Photography by Lily Ann Page


4 thoughts on “video: modern domestic

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  2. Awesome site, Lily! I want to go eat a sandwich and draw! I do think the phrase “wannabe sewers” could be reworked… 😉 Everything looks and sounds terrific!

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