video: organic bronze bar

A sunny day came out of nowhere and led me to wear a short dress.  Everything around me, except my skin tone, suddenly looked like summer, so I decided to check out Portland Spa and Boutique’s Organic Bronze Bar for their $30 happy hour tanning special offered Monday-Thursday.  The Portland Spa introduced Organic Bronze Bar this spring.  It is the first in the Pacific Northwest to feature a chemical-free spray tan without parabens, fillers, or any other unhealthy or unnecessary ingredients.  Their natural formula uses all organic ingredients to naturally tint skin a gorgeous, healthy tan that lasts 5-7 days.  The more you sweat, shower, or exfoliate your skin, the faster the tan fades – mine lasted through 5 days of routine running and yoga.  There are various levels degrees of tan you can request, ranging from a light, very natural looking tan, to dark brown.  I requested something in the middle, hoping for a convincing tan.

One of the licensed estheticians from Portland Spa led me to an enormous velvet-curtained dressing room.  I was shown the wonder bin of pre-tan prep supplies:  hair tie, hairnet, disposable panties, and face wipes.  She instructed me to dress down to my modesty level – I have no modesty level!  The disposable panties amused me, and are perfect for the shy, but I’d rather not have tan lines.  After putting on the always flattering hairnet, I stepped into the next velvet-curtained space for the actual spray tanning.  To get an even, non-streaking tan, I am instructed to position my arms and legs in various awkward ways, which led to much laughter on my part, since I faced a full-length mirror the entire time.  The spray tan was a cool mist lasting a quick 15 minutes. Since the formula includes a bronzer and SPF (protect your skin for a couple hours after!) I immediately looked like a bronzed goddess.  The tan developed over the next few hours, so when I woke up in the morning, I looked even tanner!  If you need a touchup later in the week, Organic Bronze Bar has bottles of the formula available for retail for $24.99.  Next time there is a break in the rainy weather, stop by Organic Bronze Bar and instantly feel summery again. Organic Bronze Bar 0315 SW Montgomery Street, Suite 390 Portland, OR 97201 503-222-0105


5 thoughts on “video: organic bronze bar

  1. LILY!
    This is so exciting you are doing this- this is so absolutely perfect! Also- Im def going here next time i’m in PDX im a huge fan of the spray tan but hated all the chemicals. YEAH! For Lily Loves Local- You are awesome!

  2. Yes! I have always wanted to get a spray tan but was always afraid of the chemicals! Now I am super psyched and will definitely check it out. PS. Love you in a hairnet!

  3. Ok, I’m sold! This makes me want to live in Portland just so I can get organic spray tans. :] And somehow you managed to look so cute sticking your hair-netted head out of the curtains.

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