video: the canvas

Do you ever wish you could bust out your sketchpad while eating a delicious sandwich without having fellow diners give you funny looks? The Canvas is the perfect solution for a multitasking hungry artist. They opened their doors less than a month ago and are already causing quite a fabulous stir in the community. I love that they sell non-toxic art supplies like VOC-free paints, hemp canvases, water-soluble oil pastels, and recycled paper. Complimentary graphite and paper are available at each table for the true starving artist.

All of the dishes are named after famous artists, musicians, philosophers, and authors; most notable would be the Jesus Christ: a simple but rewarding dish of fresh bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dippings.

I chose to have Georgia O’Keefe for lunch, not only because she is one of my favorite painters, but because her second life comes in the form of a satisfying roasted turkey sandwich with gouda, mesclun greens, and honey mustard on campagnolo bread. Kerouac is reincarnated as a balsamic and blueberry-marinated grilled portabello sandwich with artichoke red pepper spread, goat cheese, and wilted greens. All wine and beer is locally produced, with Grand Central Bakery bread, and baked goods from CCP Gluten-Free Baking soon to come. Many dishes are vegetarian and a few can be made gluten-free.

I would suggest The Canvas for first dates. Any awkward moment could easily be solved with a well-crafted imaginative look into the distance, followed by rapid sketching. Your date will be impressed. There is an adorable bar in the back, a cushy front lounge area, and lots of tabletop surface area to eat and create throughout. They even host a costume model on Mondays and Saturdays at 7pm to draw or paint. Mind you, this is not a nude model akin to those in college drawing classes. This one wears clothes. The Canvas’s walls are covered in thought-provoking works done by Portland artists, which will rotate on a monthly basis. The Canvas is definitely a wonderful spot to satisfy your creativity, budget, and hunger for healthy food.

The Canvas
1800 NW Upshur St


4 thoughts on “video: the canvas

  1. Planning on taking the boy out on a date here soon thanks to your review! I am always looking for great new spots to visit. Thanks for this!

    You mentioned it is a great spot to “satisfy your creativity, budget, and hunger for healthy food.” I guess I will find out soon, but a quick price idea might be helpful to include next time. 🙂

  2. I’m literally drooling. Portland is too far away for me to be having such strong feelings about a restaurant/art space!

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