video: montage

Most people know Montage as the place to order alligator. It’s the place with a flaming kitchen. The place where grizzled chefs and baristas shout “oyster shooters!” at the highest of decibels late into the night. What most people don’t know is that Montage offers a killer breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, with most items priced under $6. Most people don’t even know it’s open during the daylight hours at all. Who knew you could get brunch under the Morrison Bridge? Continue reading


video: PBJ’s

PBJ’s, a gourmet, grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich food cart, is the new exciting place to grab lunch in the Nob Hill district. They rolled onto 23rd Street in mid April and have already grown an avid fan base. Customers line up outside of the cart, laughing and indulging in sweet and savory grilled sandwiches of all kinds. The spreads and jams are either house made or produced by Oregon companies such as Dagoba, Oregon Growers, and Misty Meadows. The cheese comes from Rogue Creamery and Sierra Nevada Cheese Company, and the luscious bread hails from Gabriel’s Bakery or Dave’s Killer Bread. I am blown away by the gusto and excitement that owners Keena and Shane have for their creations. Keena tells me that the Dagoba dark chocolate spread took six months of determination and brainstorming to perfect. This can be easily proven with one taste in my mouth. “The Joy” is impeccably crafted, with brief bursts of salt between mouthfuls of bittersweet chocolate, coconut, and almond butter evenly applied to warm, toasted challah bread, for $5.50. I can’t help but devour it in a rushed blur, and am thoroughly satisfied. Continue reading