the red e café

the red e cafeMoments like these are why I started my blog. Your favorite food of the moment is on the menu, they carry your favorite secret coffee brand, the album you’ve played on repeat in your room, your car, your work, is now on their speaker system. Artists with funny hair surround you, speaking of Germany and Fullbright scholarships. You smile because you’ve found a new home for the next two hours while attempting to blog. This is the Red E café. For the record, I had a manchego mushroom biscuit (like a strawberry shortbread biscuit mama makes, but savory!), Intelligentsia cappuccino, and they started to play Caribou upon my entrance.

the red e café
1006 N Killingsworth St


video: ecovibe apparel

After personally trying on the entirety of the shop’s garments, I’ve decided EcoVibe Apparel in the Pearl district is my newest go-to environmentally friendly boutique.  Apple green VOC-free paint cheerily welcomes me inside, and I am surrounded by an array of the softest, most affordable and delicious merchandise in town.  Coconut-based body products by Malie, tunics by Trinity and Ya Da, bags from Ellington’s Eco Style line, and Good Society’s organic dark-wash denim fill the room.  There is a small section of hand picked menswear; most notable are the bunny-soft, wool cashmere blend sweaters by Same Underneath.

Regal dressing rooms that are larger than life dominate the back of the room.  There are plenty of hangers, so even if you try on everything in EcoVibe’s collection, the clothes won’t fall off.  Don’t you just hate it when you try on five pieces of clothing, only to have three of them fall on your feet because they don’t fit on the hangers? Continue reading

pop up

Thursday was the opening day of Pop Up in Portland – a compact yet explosive temporary traveling boutique filled with sporty fashion, walls of iconic photos, a lounge, a free photo booth, and a 1950’s style fridge filled with free Jones Sodas.  They are open Thursday through Sunday of every week until August 6th, and then they will run off to Seattle, then San Diego, then two locations in San Francisco.  Did I mention the bright green Ford Fiesta (one of the sponsors) that dominates half the room?  How people get cars inside of buildings is beyond me, but I hear that a ramp was involved.

Local 35, one of my absolute favorite SE boutiques, and also the curator of the shop, has been temporarily transported to the NW.  They have selected a wonderful array of graphic, stunning, lightweight clothing.  Summer dresses and swim-inspired clothing fill the racks.  Straw RVCA fedoras for $35 mingle with matte black studded bikini tops by Quiksilver.  Rompers by Insight hang next to shredded tops in pastel shades.  I am very impressed by the selection of men’s swim trunks.  It is uncommon to see ones that do not have garish “tropical” prints and ghastly stripes on them.  These are exceptional in print; almost photo-like, with ambiguous, flowing patterns in contrasting muted and vivid color.  For $50, it is quite the steal. In fact, the average price point for the retail is not much more than $50, which is exceptional for well-selected, stylish and unique boutique wares. Continue reading

video: flora

Everything in Flora smells divine.  It is nearly impossible to explore this downtown gift shop without falling in love with one, two, or maybe even three distinctly delicious scents.  Flora carries candles by Tatine, which smell exactly as described.  After taking a whiff of the Wood Smoke scent, I’m transported into a camping tent.  I smell the Forest Floor candle and I’m on a hike.  I smell the Snow Drop and…well, you get the idea. Continue reading