video: flora

Everything in Flora smells divine.  It is nearly impossible to explore this downtown gift shop without falling in love with one, two, or maybe even three distinctly delicious scents.  Flora carries candles by Tatine, which smell exactly as described.  After taking a whiff of the Wood Smoke scent, I’m transported into a camping tent.  I smell the Forest Floor candle and I’m on a hike.  I smell the Snow Drop and…well, you get the idea.

Flora makes body products in house, under the name of Herbal Alchemy, such as orange vanilla lip butter, healing balm, and floral waters of various scents.  I leave with a bottle of Aqua Vitae Love Potion rose spray as a wedding gift for a Brooklyn Bride.  Flora has quite the stock of beautiful chocolates by Neopolitan Printing and Company.  They do an amusing chocolate mustache on a stick, which leads to endless jokes.  They also offer a refined lavender smoked-salt caramel dark chocolate and a rose raspberry crème dark chocolate for more serious people.  If you go to Neopolitan’s website and click on the Chocolate Mustache On a Stick, there are eternal photos of fans wearing the ‘stache for your entertainment.

Each shelf deserves a closer inspection.  I am surrounded by a luscious assortment of Rare Tea Co teas, handbags by Hobo, locally designed jewelry, and find myself entranced with a particular pair of earrings by Nashelle.  Vintage belts with handmade buckles, framed butterflies, and small 8×8 paintings of birds fill the shop.  It is apparent that everything inside is painstakingly chosen; every item in Flora absolutely belongs there.  I can’t help but assume that a wood nymph created some of the jewelry, as it is so detailed and fairylike in quality.

If this were a museum, I would be kicked out, because I HAVE to touch everything.  Come inside and see for yourself.

(503) 227-0586
917 SW Washington Street
Mon-Sat 11-6 & Sun 12-5


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