pop up

Thursday was the opening day of Pop Up in Portland – a compact yet explosive temporary traveling boutique filled with sporty fashion, walls of iconic photos, a lounge, a free photo booth, and a 1950’s style fridge filled with free Jones Sodas.  They are open Thursday through Sunday of every week until August 6th, and then they will run off to Seattle, then San Diego, then two locations in San Francisco.  Did I mention the bright green Ford Fiesta (one of the sponsors) that dominates half the room?  How people get cars inside of buildings is beyond me, but I hear that a ramp was involved.

Local 35, one of my absolute favorite SE boutiques, and also the curator of the shop, has been temporarily transported to the NW.  They have selected a wonderful array of graphic, stunning, lightweight clothing.  Summer dresses and swim-inspired clothing fill the racks.  Straw RVCA fedoras for $35 mingle with matte black studded bikini tops by Quiksilver.  Rompers by Insight hang next to shredded tops in pastel shades.  I am very impressed by the selection of men’s swim trunks.  It is uncommon to see ones that do not have garish “tropical” prints and ghastly stripes on them.  These are exceptional in print; almost photo-like, with ambiguous, flowing patterns in contrasting muted and vivid color.  For $50, it is quite the steal. In fact, the average price point for the retail is not much more than $50, which is exceptional for well-selected, stylish and unique boutique wares.

Strange, futuristic mats covered in sharp white pokey bits adorn the walls.  I am informed that they are Swedish acupressure mats by Vila, used for relaxation and healing purposes.  They seem like a modern-day bed of nails.  To the touch, they scare me, but when lying down, they are surprisingly invigorating and relaxing.  I request that one of the sales ladies stands on them, and she says it doesn’t hurt.

On Friday nights at 9pm, Spin Magazine will sponsor “Friday Rocks!” and a local band will replace the merchandise for a 21 and over show.  Not to worry, the clothes will come back the next day.  And so will new merchandise.  Shwood eyewear is expected to arrive soon, and I am excited to see it!  For anyone who doesn’t know of Shwood, it is a very cool local company that makes stylish sunglasses with wooden frames.  Wowza.

Go see Portland Pop Up before it pops off to Seattle.  You have three and a half weeks.

Pop Up
801 NW 23rd Ave (at NW Johnson St)
Thurs-Fri 12-7pm
Sat 11-7pm
Sun 11-6pm


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