video: ecovibe apparel

After personally trying on the entirety of the shop’s garments, I’ve decided EcoVibe Apparel in the Pearl district is my newest go-to environmentally friendly boutique.  Apple green VOC-free paint cheerily welcomes me inside, and I am surrounded by an array of the softest, most affordable and delicious merchandise in town.  Coconut-based body products by Malie, tunics by Trinity and Ya Da, bags from Ellington’s Eco Style line, and Good Society’s organic dark-wash denim fill the room.  There is a small section of hand picked menswear; most notable are the bunny-soft, wool cashmere blend sweaters by Same Underneath.

Regal dressing rooms that are larger than life dominate the back of the room.  There are plenty of hangers, so even if you try on everything in EcoVibe’s collection, the clothes won’t fall off.  Don’t you just hate it when you try on five pieces of clothing, only to have three of them fall on your feet because they don’t fit on the hangers?


I talk for quite some time with Leonard Allen, co-owner of EcoVibe with Andrea Koranteng.  He tells me it is “fun to watch a lady j-walk across the street just to come in,” and that most people expect high-end boutique prices on the clothing, only to flip the price tag and be pleasantly surprised.  Locals are aware that the Pearl is a pricy shopping district, yet those who live in the Pearl district are actually quite thrifty.  Luckily, most garments are stunningly affordable.  There is a one size fits all cami in a rainbow of colors for only $22 that is perfect for pairing with all of their sheer, lacy pieces and low-cut tunics.  I walk off with a lightweight mocha organic cotton wrap top by Alternative Apparel for $40 that I wear three days in a row.  Atrocity!  The piece is so comfortable that I just can’t bear to take it off, and it seems to go perfectly with all my bright summer dresses.

The scent of Malie’s koke’e green island pleasantly lingers in my nose.  I have decided that I will change my scent from coconut to this refreshing rainforest one, which is a serious commitment after smelling like a coconut for at least four years.  Now I will act green, look green, and smell green.  That’s a good thing, right?
EcoVibe carries a wonderful array of jewelry by Portland designers Amy Burgess and Kevia West.  Their jewelry cascades out of wooden bowls, nestled into black rice and green lentils as if they are found seashells in sand.  Apart from Anthropologie in the Pearl and Barney’s NY, EcoVibe is the only supplier of Kevia West’s designs.  A pair of her earrings recently graced the cover of July 2010’s Lucky Magazine and has been gaining popularity with celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Norah Jones.  Good choice, EcoVibe.


921 NW Everett St
(503) 360 1163
tues-sat 11-6
sun 12-5
mon by appointment only


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