the red e café

the red e cafeMoments like these are why I started my blog. Your favorite food of the moment is on the menu, they carry your favorite secret coffee brand, the album you’ve played on repeat in your room, your car, your work, is now on their speaker system. Artists with funny hair surround you, speaking of Germany and Fullbright scholarships. You smile because you’ve found a new home for the next two hours while attempting to blog. This is the Red E café. For the record, I had a manchego mushroom biscuit (like a strawberry shortbread biscuit mama makes, but savory!), Intelligentsia cappuccino, and they started to play Caribou upon my entrance.

the red e café
1006 N Killingsworth St


One thought on “the red e café

  1. I am amazed every time at how many everyday people care so very much about coffee. I know I do. It is marvelous to me that the globe in common and the world of coffee have come so far out of when I first had its drink. I used to need to pay a premium just to get a single kind.Now folks around the world have so much option, and what’s more there is fair trade coffee and a multitude of new refreshments that incorporate different portions of it all.

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