video: water avenue coffee company

Since I’ve been a Portlander, I situate myself near trains. No matter where I live, there seems to be a train blowing its horn in the distance, or in one living situation, right outside my window. There is something soothing (or sometimes startling) about constantly hearing a train. At Water Avenue Coffee company, I am only a block away from the train tracks! If I’m ever stuck waiting 15 mins as the cargo train rolls by, I will remember to run out of my car and grab a cup of single origin espresso from this coffee shop.
Water Ave roasts their beans daily in house, and packages them with vivid, neon colored labels for $12 to $14 for a 3/4 lb bag. So basically, $1 per ounce! Sounds good to me! On my morning run, I came in to grab a cappuccino on my way back home. The baristas were very attentive and happy to help me, (not like some coffee shops where the baristas could be less than thrilled to have to pour one more cup of coffee). I am also stoked to see that they carry pastries by Nuvrei Bakery, one of my top favorites.

There is a mysterious “Ka-Pow!” coffee bar sitting by the checkout counter. I investigate the meaning of this bar. Water Avenue’s roasted beans are used by local chocolatier, Sahagun, to make a new food I have never seen before! One of the knowledgable baristas gets out a piece for me to sample, and informs me that is is like a chocolate bar without actually containing any chocolate. I agree with the packaging, that it is “best understood by tasting,” but I can also say that it feels like chocolate but tastes like coffee. I’ve been strongly warned not to consume more than 3 squares at a time for fear of running around the room in circles. I will be back…maybe just so that I CAN run around the coffee shop in circles.

Water Avenue Coffee Company
1028 SE Water Ave (SE Taylor and Water)
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 232-2222


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