love bite: Jade Teahouse and Patisserie

Jade Teahouse and Patisserie made a miraculous first impression on me in a quick two minutes. I meandered inside to peer at their selection of desserts, only to discover a platter of drool-worthy, golden sesame-seed encrusted balls of perfection. Assuming I could not eat them, I ask if they are gluten free, just for kicks. They are. I ask if they are vegan. They ARE. I immediately purchase one for a whopping $1.50 and run outside, laughing out loud, so I can admire my new treat. It is the size of a tennis ball, crispy on the outside, with a sweet creamy coconut filling inside. The outer pastry is made with rice flour, and has a lightly fried, tropical scent. I dip it in the small container of coconut caramel, take a bite, and keel over with joy. I’m sure the passerby are concerned – or jealous!

Note that the second image is blurry due to my newly blurred vision from an overdose of sweet sweet joy and sesame. Based on my reaction from only one treat from Jade, I am certain that a full review of the restaurant is required quite soon.

Jade Teahouse and Patisserie
7912 S.E. 13th Avenue
Portland, OR 97203


love bite: tilde

There are some boutiques that have, what I like to call, “the tangible effect,” where you want to touch absolutely everything the before you’ve fully walked in the door. Tilde is the perfect place to experience the tangible effect. It is impossible not to pick up every necklace, or organic shirt (by PIO, handmade in an LA studio!) that I came across today on my excursion to Sellwood. What strikes me immediately is the well-placed descriptions and artist statements neighboring every intriguing object or work of art, that gives each object so much meaning!

Have you ever wanted to buy a mug in your exact favorite color? Or maybe match the paint on your wall? For $12, you can select from different Pantone paint chip colors on a mug! I guess my favorite color is no longer Aqua Blue, but rather 337-C, in the color family of “Pale and Interesting?” How entertaining. And I can’t forget to mention the decorative robots made in Peru from 100% reclaimed materials. They are currently on sale for $30-$45, depending on the size.

Of all the beautiful local artwork featured on the walls (Tilde has a monthly rotating show of Portland artwork and also participate in Sellwood’s First Friday events), I am most smitten with the work of Hadley Hutten. Her work is endearing and colorful, featuring small animals and Japanese flowers. After being blown away with her prints, I would love to see the originals in person! There are countless adornments to be found here, but most exciting to me is a small pendant by Miki and Nora out of WI, that is the closest thing to wearing a metal marionberry on your neck. Again, the tangible effect takes hold, and I cannot resist holding it in my hand. Plus, marionberries are out of season, so I have to get my thrills somewhere. I am also smitten by the delicate yet edgy work of Rachael Donaldson, who also sells her work at Haunt, on East Burnside.

Tilde is full of innovative gifts such as Orla Kiely bags, a jaw-dropping scroll notepaper dispense, ready to send envelopes covered in multiple vintage stamps, and modern felt table runners. Get your visual-and tangible-fix here. You will emerge inspired and impressed.

7919 SE 13th Ave
Portland, OR 97202
503 234 9600

love bite: blackbird apothecary

I recently purchased my dream fragrance, “L’Ombre Dans L’Eau” by French perfumerie Diptyque. It smells divinely fresh, like grapefruits and spring lawns, and is excitingly unpronounceable. Where did I discover it? Blackbird Apothecary, located in the Ballard District of Seattle. This scent, reminiscent of new beginnings and a new year, will have me smelling like a completely different person. After only a few spritzes, I find myself compelled to listen to sultry French singer Coralie Clément on repeat, and consider eating a croissant.

A little boutique shop roughly the dimensions of a large dining room table, Blackbird Apothecary sells a creative and unusual assortment of the finest perfumes and candles by Diptyque, CB I Hate Perfume, nail polishes in the latest colors by RGB, and peculiarly scientific china sets. While the apothecary is merely a petite extension of Blackbird, which specializes in “Men’s Clothing and Effects,” I am so entranced by the olfactory selection that I am unable to see beyond the entrance leading into the next space.

As I travel through the racks of subdued neutrals and refined knits to purchase the glorious perfume, I overhear talk of What Not to Wear’s Stacy and Clinton’s mutual hatred for one another, and a discussion of the single “pant” versus “pants.” In Blackbird, you are surrounded by the informed, the fashionable, and the beautiful. I leave Blackbird smelling ethereal, smiling profusely, and feeling like a chic French girl…I am an eighth French, after all. I ought to celebrate my heritage.

5410 22nd Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
206 547 2524