love bite: blackbird apothecary

I recently purchased my dream fragrance, “L’Ombre Dans L’Eau” by French perfumerie Diptyque. It smells divinely fresh, like grapefruits and spring lawns, and is excitingly unpronounceable. Where did I discover it? Blackbird Apothecary, located in the Ballard District of Seattle. This scent, reminiscent of new beginnings and a new year, will have me smelling like a completely different person. After only a few spritzes, I find myself compelled to listen to sultry French singer Coralie Clément on repeat, and consider eating a croissant.

A little boutique shop roughly the dimensions of a large dining room table, Blackbird Apothecary sells a creative and unusual assortment of the finest perfumes and candles by Diptyque, CB I Hate Perfume, nail polishes in the latest colors by RGB, and peculiarly scientific china sets. While the apothecary is merely a petite extension of Blackbird, which specializes in “Men’s Clothing and Effects,” I am so entranced by the olfactory selection that I am unable to see beyond the entrance leading into the next space.

As I travel through the racks of subdued neutrals and refined knits to purchase the glorious perfume, I overhear talk of What Not to Wear’s Stacy and Clinton’s mutual hatred for one another, and a discussion of the single “pant” versus “pants.” In Blackbird, you are surrounded by the informed, the fashionable, and the beautiful. I leave Blackbird smelling ethereal, smiling profusely, and feeling like a chic French girl…I am an eighth French, after all. I ought to celebrate my heritage.

5410 22nd Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
206 547 2524


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