video: holiday hair studio

Located in the Laurelhurst neighborhood, just steps away from Crema, Artemisia, and another uprising of food carts, is another cart. This cart stands alone – feminine and pink, with a well-finished patio and a garden, it is not just another Portland food cart. This is Holiday Hair Studio. Intended to feel as if one is on vacation, you step into the garden and embark on your own mini-getaway in town, in the middle of the week.


Inside what could be a cramped space, but is more elfin-like in charm, alluring oddities fill every corner of the French-inspired trailer. Everything is petite and lovely, not claustrophobic in any way. Robin’s sweet and caring demeanor makes you feel instantly at ease. Guests are offered cups of tea and a bite of pastry from stone’s-throw-away Crema, upon arrival. My sister is treated to a bite of the very innovative Crème Cake, made with a crème brulee batter. What could be better than that?


Unlike some bustling salons, where the next client visibly waits in the wings to sit the very salon chair in which you’re sitting, there is no rush here; there is no competition for time. Because of the intimate space, it is just you and Robin. Her focus is entirely on you, your hair, and your vision. She uses the more natural lines, Moroccan Oil and Evo from Australia, which has tongue in cheek product titles like “gangsta grip” and “gluttony” shampoo. Also an artist, Robin designed her business cards and hangs her art in the space. The original sketch for the hair cart is carefully hung on the wall by the entrance. Her husband is a talented wood worker and handcrafted the deck outside and the wooden drawers inside.


Everyone in town seems to want this holiday, as she gets five new clients a week (that is a lot!), so try to book out at least two weeks in advance so you have a fighting chance to achieve the hair of your dreams.


Robin offers color, cuts, and Moroccan oil treatments. Visit her website for pricing. Appointments available Tues-Sat, 8:00am-7:30pm.


Holiday Hair Studio
116 SE 28th Ave
Portland, OR
503 516 9115