Lingonberries Market

Sandwiched in the most unlikely of places, between a car wash and an adult lingerie store, is Lingonberries, an entirely gluten free market! How nice is it, for people with allergies, to simply shop in a store without having to check for potentially harmful ingredients! They did the sorting for us. I originally made the quick jaunt to Vancouver in search of a granola that a hairstylist got me hooked on by Bakery On Main in “nutty cranberry maple granola” flavor. I found it, and then some.

Lingonberries carries an assortment of known brands and products, such as rice pasta and Kind Bars, but there was an extensive array of products and brands I had never seen before. Bread mix from Brazil? Cookies from Europe? Dinosaur shaped fruit cookies? COMMUNION WAFERS? They have it.

This is pretty much heaven for anyone with an allergy who has been denied a cookie at some point in their life. Here, you have full reign of every type of cookie, from flavor to size to crunchy or soft, and you are not just left with the one random gluten free option that doesn’t look that great anyway. I think I will be sick if someone suggests another trail-mix bar as dessert!

Aside from boxed goods, they also have a freezer case stocked full of giant frozen muffins, pie crusts, and even chicken nuggets from Applewood Farms! In the front of the shop is a brand new lovely display of glitter dusted cupcakes by Fairycakes of Portland, that also makes dairy-free options. Even though the shop is gluten-free, you still have to check for any other ingredients that you avoid. I had a hard time finding breads or baked goods that are entirely vegan, but there are some to choose from.

I went a little crazy and brought home a huge bag of healthy gluten-free junk food. It was my first time, after all. I have to try everything! Take a trip to Vancouver to get your gluten free fix! You will be so happy you did.

Lingonberries Market
6300 NE 117th Ave, Suite B5
Vancouver, WA 98662