nature of body

Pure bliss…fluffy clouds…pudding…silky smooth…These are all words that floated through my mind after a massage and full body scrub at Nature of Body. This is exactly how you will feel when you visit licensed massage therapist, Rachael Vollmer. Located in the Hollywood district, nestled behind a cottage, and past a bamboo-lined path is the calm massage eden that is Nature of Body. In the main hall, I see a buddha, fresh flowers, and a charming 1950’s style powder room that is so cute, I grin upon entering.

The massage room is spacious and warm with lit candles and calming music playing in the background, and I immediately feel at ease. A brief health questionnaire helps me navigate problem areas on my body for Rachael to work on, and I am asked what kind of essential oil blend I would like during the massage (clary sage and mint, please!). Before I know it, I am receiving an invigorating eucalyptus mint body scrub,┬ámelting under Rachael’s strong hands. Refreshing scents waft through the air as I am buffed to a smooth polish. I know that only the best product is being applied, because Rachael utilizes 100% Pure, an Oakland, CA based company that only uses organic, food grade ingredients. I am a long time follower of this product line, as any body product of theirs I have ever tried has left me smelling and feeling like a goddess.

The body scrub blends seamlessly into the massage, and I never once feel confused about what to do or feel exposed for a second, due to Rachael’s strategic towel draping. Her massage technique is powerful: she smoothes over sore areas and identifies trigger points in the body, working my stiff receptionist neck, all the while communicating about pressure and comfort (in a soft, soothing voice, as not to disrupt the bliss). Any knot I have ever had in my body has suddenly disappeared. Not only does Rachael offer exquisite bodywork, but she also specializes in prenatal massage. When I am ready to have children someday, I will definitely return to Nature of Body to prevent my muscles from becoming too tight or sore!

After my blissful services ends, I open my eyes to find a white robe and extremely comfortable, nearly orthopedic, Okabashi sandals, ready to be used if needed. If you ever have any tension, sore muscles, or simply need to relax and feel whole again, come to Nature of Body and let Rachael work her magic on you – you will not be disappointed.

Nature of Body
1804 NE 45th Avenue
Portland OR 97213