Wotnot – Natural Organic Facial Wipes

Wotnot’s Natural Organic Facial Wipes


When you are constantly on the go, staying out late, or traversing multiple time zones, sometimes you have absolutely no desire to wash your face. Well, that is not acceptable! Now that I know about Wotnot’s facial wipes, there are no more excuses for going to sleep with a dirty face. This Australian Certified organic brand boasts moisturizing rosehip and sweet almond oil and has absolutely no synthetic ingredients or even fragrance. Even Yes to Cucumbers! Face wipes, my go-to face wipe for the last few years, has fragrance, which can be a blanket term for over 4000 different chemicals that don’t have to be listed in the ingredients! Scary, but it’s the truth. These are made of biodegradable cloth and feel very soft and gentle, yet easily remove black eyeliner and mascara. So next time you roll into bed at 3am with a full face of makeup, grab one of these off your bedside table, and in 20 seconds you will have a clean (and slightly moisturized) face again. Fabulous.


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