The Countryside

The last thing I expect to see when I finish depositing a check at the bank is the countryside looming in the distance. Low and behold, a new shop has popped up (as of this August) right behind the Yountville Wells Fargo branch, called The Countryside! Staying true to the theme, and magically contained in a very small space that used to be Steven Gordon’s art gallery, is a collection of the most beautiful, majestic items. The space is just brimming with designer journals and notebooks, handmade gift cards, and nature-inspired tea towels…the kind of tea towels that you might use in theory but are really too pretty to ever clean up the spilled milk.
Bumble Bees on tiered cake plates!

Bumble Bees on tiered cake plates!

Everywhere you look, something is sparkling or is decorated with a cute little bird or butterfly. I have a growing obsession with mercury jars and iridescent glasses (for drinking glasses or candles) and The Countryside is packed with the most wonderful ones I have ever seen! Owner Lisa Cox made sure I found exactly what I was looking for – two of the same birds on a particular (secret!) item, and was charming and knowledgable.

Magnificent Mercury Glasses

Magnificent Mercury Glasses

This would be a great place to do your early bird holiday shopping, because it is original, undiscovered, and has very unique gifts! In fact, I did a little of my own – and left with a skillfully wrapped bag with silver tissue paper (so cute!) and a glittery turquoise bow. After quite a dull day in the office, a visit to The Countryside really brightened my day!

Birdie Birds on tea towels

Birdie Birds on tea towels

Visit them: 6484 Washington St (across form Redd), Yountville, CA

Open Thurs-Mon 10am-5pm and Sunday 10am-3pm

Call them: 707-266-2885


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