Boho Lifestyle

While wandering around downtown Napa the other night with a girlfriend trying to find a good cocktail, we happened upon the open doors of brand new Boho Lifestyle, a beautiful space filled with creative home goods, handmade soaps, jewelry, pottery, and other gorgeous objects. I immediately fell in love with a set of iridescent blue tumblers that were strewn about the room in various places; each one surprising and charming me more and more.

Handmade glasses by Roost - Like drinking out of a glass bubble!

Handmade glasses by Roost – Like drinking out of a glass bubble!

Owner Indra Fourtney, a contagiously bubbly woman full of smiles and styling ideas, ran around the shop showing us her unique wares. Many items are produced by locals and themed around the idea of nature and created by “cottage industries” instead of larger corporations. You can get anything from organic powdered laundry soap by French Laundry, to men’s dress shirts made of Turkish cotton! Jewelry by Emily Shelley was apparently flying out the doors, and Indra encouraged me to make a few pieces to sell in her shop as well! I better get on that.

Figs. Of course.

Figs. Of course.

My interior designer friend rabidly flipped through her beautiful collection of design books and ended up leaving the shop with a limited edition, flowing blue top designed specifically for Boho Lifestyle that looked perfect on her. I left with a handmade soap by Pine Tree Top Soap Shop in Eucalyptus, made entirely out of natural ingredients and essential oils. In addition to selling beautiful oddities, Indra does interior design and event rentals through her shop. The merchandise is truly unique, and inventory rolls over quickly, so check in regularly!

Eucalyptus Natural Soap

Eucalyptus Natural Soap

Boho  Lifestyle opened its bohemian doors August 10th, but they are hosting an official open house, Friday 9/13 from 7-9pm. The address is 1238 First Street, Downtown Napa. Here is her Facebook page, or you can call (707) 337-5870 to check on store hours. I hope to see you there!

Nice Legs! Table Legs, that is...

Nice Legs! Table Legs, that is…

Now, can someone tell someone else that these cups would look perfect in my cottage?

Glass Cups by Roost

Glass Cups by Roost


Healthy Sunscreen Review – the best and the worst

In less than one week I will be living in Maui to enroll in an esthetician program at Spa Luna! Anticipating my future of constant sun exposure and beach days, I began to hunt early for the best natural body sunscreens this summer, so by the time Maui arrived, I would be ready! There were many pool days, hikes, runs, and walks tested with these contestants. All five are 100% natural, with physical blocks of zinc and titanium dioxide. Did you know that drinking green tea or applying it topically helps your body’s natural sun defense? All five contain green tea extract, for added sun protection.

Tropical Sands SPF 30 Sunscreen, 8 oz, $18

I discovered this gem at Popina Swimwear in NE Portland while buying a bikini. The shopgirl insisted that this was the store owner’s favorite body sunscreen by far and had to keep it in stock at all times. It has a distinct eucalyptus scent that reminds me of Brightenbush Hot Springs, and is biodegradable and reef safe! It also boasts green tea extract for added sun protection. At 6% Zinc Oxide and 6% Titanium Dioxide with only 11 other ingredients, this is a liquid sunscreen that is easy to blend in and does not feel sticky or oily at all. I highly recommend freshly showering before applying or the product will “pill” on any other product or residue left on the body. Less is more, so start with a light application or the zinc will be hard to blend in. It survived a day at the beach and hike with only one reapplication.

Schmidt’s Mineral Protection Sunscreen, equivalent to SPF 30, 4 oz, $9. Available at various Oregon and Washington retailers.

This creamy sunscreen comes in a small bottle that is easily stashed in a beach bag, has a barely identifiable scent (but also comes in Lavender and Sandalwood), and is easy to blend in and apply without the zinc chunking up, although it can make your skin a little paler looking. It also has “wildcrafted green tea extract” for added sun protection. I love that it is made in Portland in small batches! My only concern is that this may not be the best product for swimming. Right after jumping in the pool with Schmidt’s on, it felt like it was sliding right off, but I still managed to stay sunburn free, so it could have just been my imagination!

The Healthy Sunscreen SPF 30 Body Cream, LaVanilla Laboratories, 4 oz, $38, available at Sephora.

This creamy sunscreen smells just like vanilla pudding, but with 20% Zinc Oxide, goes on looking and feeling like it too. It is very smooth and thick, and is best suited for just the legs or feet on a day at the beach. Anything applied above the waist doesn’t blend in well enough and can feel too greasy. While I love the product, it makes me look ghostly, so I add a few drops of liquid shimmer bronzer before applying, and that evens out the color nicely! I like Dr. Hauschka’s Translucent Bronzer for a natural hue or LucyB’s Bronze Body Shimmer Oil for bronzed, shimmery legs!

Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer-SPF 30, Kimberly Sayer of London, 4 oz, $32.

While I am aware that this is a facial sunscreen, it is a generously sized bottle that touts sun protection for “combination, oil and blemish prone skin,” which is fabulous for those who break out on their face, chest and back. I love that it is made with organic ingredients. It is extremely sheer, fluid and lightweight, with a delicate scent of lemon bars and frothy milk, to be specific. It stays put and barely feels like anything at all, and doesn’t slide off in the water. It might be a little too luxurious to apply all over your body, but no one can stop you if you have finally found your favorite sunscreen.

Eminence Organics Tropical Vanilla Sun Cream SPF 32, 5 oz, $49.

This sunscreen is by far my favorite, made with organic ingredients, but is also the priciest! It combines Zinc Oxide with Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, which is a chemical block. After speaking with a Eminence product rep about my concern with chemical blocks, she clarified that the product molecule is scientifically confirmed to be too large to sink into your pores, and technically acts as a physical block, so that it cannot be a cancer causing agent. This sunscreen is lightweight, smells like vanilla and is not too greasy or heavy, but can start to feel a little oily after a few hours in the sun. It sinks into the skin after a few minutes and does not turn you white. I don’t have my own photo of it because I used it already and can’t justify buying another $49 bottle until I have used some of the other contenders.

There is one last sunscreen review that has been saved for the hall of shame.

True Natural Daily Moisturizer SPF 20, 3 oz, $18.

I had high hopes for this sunscreen and was extremely disappointed. It goes on clear and smells like tangerines, which is nice, but is the greasiest, oiliest sunscreen I have ever experienced. I’m talking as thick as the foot cream I put on at night. This stuff stuck to all the little arm hairs I didn’t know existed and made me want to crawl out of my skin. It stuck to the upholstery in my car. It got on my clothes. When my naturopath gave me a back adjustment at an appointment later that day, she couldn’t get a good grip on my shoulders because of it, and actually had to go wash her hands afterward. Now THAT was mortifying. I gave it away to a friend with the oily disclaimer, but she didn’t seem to mind. To each her own.

nature of body

Pure bliss…fluffy clouds…pudding…silky smooth…These are all words that floated through my mind after a massage and full body scrub at Nature of Body. This is exactly how you will feel when you visit licensed massage therapist, Rachael Vollmer. Located in the Hollywood district, nestled behind a cottage, and past a bamboo-lined path is the calm massage eden that is Nature of Body. In the main hall, I see a buddha, fresh flowers, and a charming 1950’s style powder room that is so cute, I grin upon entering.

The massage room is spacious and warm with lit candles and calming music playing in the background, and I immediately feel at ease. A brief health questionnaire helps me navigate problem areas on my body for Rachael to work on, and I am asked what kind of essential oil blend I would like during the massage (clary sage and mint, please!). Before I know it, I am receiving an invigorating eucalyptus mint body scrub, melting under Rachael’s strong hands. Refreshing scents waft through the air as I am buffed to a smooth polish. I know that only the best product is being applied, because Rachael utilizes 100% Pure, an Oakland, CA based company that only uses organic, food grade ingredients. I am a long time follower of this product line, as any body product of theirs I have ever tried has left me smelling and feeling like a goddess.

The body scrub blends seamlessly into the massage, and I never once feel confused about what to do or feel exposed for a second, due to Rachael’s strategic towel draping. Her massage technique is powerful: she smoothes over sore areas and identifies trigger points in the body, working my stiff receptionist neck, all the while communicating about pressure and comfort (in a soft, soothing voice, as not to disrupt the bliss). Any knot I have ever had in my body has suddenly disappeared. Not only does Rachael offer exquisite bodywork, but she also specializes in prenatal massage. When I am ready to have children someday, I will definitely return to Nature of Body to prevent my muscles from becoming too tight or sore!

After my blissful services ends, I open my eyes to find a white robe and extremely comfortable, nearly orthopedic, Okabashi sandals, ready to be used if needed. If you ever have any tension, sore muscles, or simply need to relax and feel whole again, come to Nature of Body and let Rachael work her magic on you – you will not be disappointed.

Nature of Body
1804 NE 45th Avenue
Portland OR 97213

natural beauty how-to: cabaret girl

The Look:

Cabaret girl, Night Out, Bold Colors

The Makeup:

Fruit Pigmented Lip and Cheek Tint – Cranberry Glow
Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze – Fruit Punch
Fruit Pigmented Satin Eye Shadow – Tahiti
Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow – Pewter, St. Tropez
Creamy Liquid Eyeliner – Blackberry
Fruit Pigmented Mascara – Black Tea

The How To:

Start with a freshly primed face of foundation and concealer where needed. With the included liquid eyeliner brush, thickly line the upper eyelids just above the eyelashes, going back over any thin areas. The brush is very fine, so if you make a mistake, take a q-tip and gently roll it over the mistake, or simply keep making the line thicker and thicker until both lids are the same thickness! Still using the liquid eyeliner, draw a thick line just at and above your eyelid crease, following the natural curvature of your lids. Again, if the line looks funny or uneven, keep adding to the line until both eyes match. With this look, it’s go big or…stay home. Next, connect the eyeliner at your crease with the eyeliner at your lashes by extending both lines out until they meet, forming a little V-shape at the outer corner of each eye. Now that you have crazy purple eyeliner on, use it as your template for the rest of the eye-shadow application.

Using the Pewter eyeshadow, apply it with an angled brush to the inside of the V-shape you just made at your outer eye. The outer 1/3 of each lid should now be shaded in. Smudge some Pewter at your lower lashline, going right up to the lashes and blending with the brush as you go. Keep adding until you are happy with the level of smokiness. Use any leftover Pewter on your brush to darken your eyebrows. With a different eyeshadow brush, apply St. Tropez to the inner 2/3 of your eyes below the crease, completely filling in the space you made with the purple eyeliner.

To add shimmer and highlight to your smokey eye, use your ring finger (why that finger? It has the lightest touch and won’t pull at your skin! Years of pulling at the skin can lead to wrinkles. Oh no!) to apply the creamy satin eye shadow in Tahiti, blending from under your brow, down to meet the crease. Dab a little at the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes look open and spaced further apart! Apply two coats of Black Tea mascara, wiggling the brush at the roots as you apply (to add fullness), allowing to dry between each coat.

This look requires bold cheeks, so I chose the Lip and Cheek Tint in Cranberry Glow. When used sparingly, it imparts a lovely rosey, just bitten look. When applied heavily, you get doll cheeks! Apply the tint straight to the apples of your cheeks, moving in small circles. Using your ring finger, blend the edges outward so the line is not so drastic, dabbing at the middle too, to even out the color. Last but not least, put on some Lip Glaze in Fruit Punch! Keep applying it throughout the night. It tends to act as a sheer stain, so the more you put on, the darker it is.

The What For:

If you are going to an event such as this, where you are heavily made up and ready to dance your booty off, you will no doubt end up kissing a cutie there. For your information, the lip glaze has passed the official kiss test. The official kiss test had one male participant who answered the following questions after a passionate smooch:

“Does it taste funny?” “No.”
“Does it feel sticky?” “No.”
“Do my lips feel soft?” “Yes.”
“Did it get on your face?” “No.”

Ok, it sort of got on his face, but it was well placed and easily wiped off.

I love this liquid eyeliner because it stays put all night and really won’t budge, but it doesn’t hurt to take it off, unlike most conventional eyeliners. It also smells very strongly of berries, because it is made with blackberries! How cool.

Happy dancing and kissing, everyone!

natural beauty how-to

After getting a new shipment of 100% Pure makeup from Alex+Von last week, I decided to start doing a few different “looks” with the makeup so everyone can see how beautiful it looks on! Since I am the easiest model to book so far, I decided to use myself as the canvas first.

The Makeup

Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 – Peach Bisque
Fruit Pigmented Nourishing Concealer – Peach Bisque
Healthy Flawless Skin Foundation Powder SPF 20 – Peach Bisque
Fruit Pigmented Eyeshadow – Toffee
Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening 100% Natural Mascara – Black Tea
Pretty Naked Neutral Face Palette

The Look

Going to work at the salon, fresh-faced, not overdone.

The How-To

Start with a washed, lightly moisturized face. Even though Im using a tinted moisturizer here, my face was feeling extra dry, so I moisturized beforehand. Put a small dot of tinted moisturizer on cheeks, nose, forehead and chin, and blend. Dot on concealer where needed and blend. I used some under my eyes and some on an old acne scar. With a large foundation brush, apply powder where you tend to get oily. For me, it was my forehead, chin, and cheeks.

It’s time to use the “Pretty Naked Palette!” Apply blush (color – Blushing) to the contours of your cheeks, and a little on the apples of your cheeks, using a blush brush. With an eyeshadow brush, apply the darker color (Naked) up to your eyelid crease, and apply the lighter color (Bare) from crease to brow-bone, as well as above the cheekbones, for added highlight and shimmer. For sparse brows (mine!), using an angled eyeliner brush, making short strokes, apply “Toffee” eyeshadow to sparse areas of the eyebrow. Apply two coats of mascara, and dot on the palette’s lighter tinted gloss (Nude). Ready to go!

The Side Notes

I was a little apprehensive of how the “Pretty Naked” palette would look on me. Is it too light? It is going to look boring? After trying all of the shades included, I find that it is a subtle makeup look that adds a little glow, a little shimmer, but just enough. I felt pretty but not too “done.” I am fair-skinned, but tan well in the summer, even though I wear sunscreen religiously. Maybe I don’t reapply enough? Either way, I get a little color on my face sometime around June. I think that the tinted moisturizer runs a little bit dark in comparison to the powder and concealer, so order down one shade if you are worried about finding the right shade. Come this June, I plan on using the tinted moisturizer, but will stick to just powder and concealer until then.


I am always looking for more beautiful girls to do makeovers on! Contact me here if you would like to test out natural products, or if you are curious about any of the items I used in this look. I am an Alex+Von consultant, specializing in 100% Pure Products, and I love it!

beauty: black tea mascara


As a young girl, I would daydream about fairies flying around making beauty potions from woodland harvests, leaving shimmery dust trails behind as they worked their magic.

I have found a natural mascara that is not made by fairies but practically could be. 100% Pure makes a mascara out of black tea, blackberries, blueberries and other fruit pigments for a rich, dark color that smells edible, while thickening and lengthening lashes.

I love that I can wear one coat during the day or do two coats at night for a more dramatic look. There are absolutely no parabens, artificial fragrances, or petrochemicals in this mascara. Only the good stuff to make you look gorgeous. Find it here at <a href="alex+von .

20111120-112322.jpg 20111120-112356.jpg 20111120-112408.jpg

video: holiday hair studio

Located in the Laurelhurst neighborhood, just steps away from Crema, Artemisia, and another uprising of food carts, is another cart. This cart stands alone – feminine and pink, with a well-finished patio and a garden, it is not just another Portland food cart. This is Holiday Hair Studio. Intended to feel as if one is on vacation, you step into the garden and embark on your own mini-getaway in town, in the middle of the week.


Inside what could be a cramped space, but is more elfin-like in charm, alluring oddities fill every corner of the French-inspired trailer. Everything is petite and lovely, not claustrophobic in any way. Robin’s sweet and caring demeanor makes you feel instantly at ease. Guests are offered cups of tea and a bite of pastry from stone’s-throw-away Crema, upon arrival. My sister is treated to a bite of the very innovative Crème Cake, made with a crème brulee batter. What could be better than that?


Unlike some bustling salons, where the next client visibly waits in the wings to sit the very salon chair in which you’re sitting, there is no rush here; there is no competition for time. Because of the intimate space, it is just you and Robin. Her focus is entirely on you, your hair, and your vision. She uses the more natural lines, Moroccan Oil and Evo from Australia, which has tongue in cheek product titles like “gangsta grip” and “gluttony” shampoo. Also an artist, Robin designed her business cards and hangs her art in the space. The original sketch for the hair cart is carefully hung on the wall by the entrance. Her husband is a talented wood worker and handcrafted the deck outside and the wooden drawers inside.


Everyone in town seems to want this holiday, as she gets five new clients a week (that is a lot!), so try to book out at least two weeks in advance so you have a fighting chance to achieve the hair of your dreams.


Robin offers color, cuts, and Moroccan oil treatments. Visit her website for pricing. Appointments available Tues-Sat, 8:00am-7:30pm.


Holiday Hair Studio
116 SE 28th Ave
Portland, OR
503 516 9115