There is a new place to get a quick detox in a cup! It’s called Sip, (their other location is in SE outside People’s CoOp) a juice cart on NE Alberta between 22nd and 23rd. I ordered the “Summer Breeze” juice with cucumber, cilantro, apple, lime, and substituted the pineapple for carrot! Service was sprightly and fresh, and even the juicer itself was polite. I have never heard a more quiet juicer in my life! I have always been a fan of fresh juices, but not so much of the pricing. Luckily, you can order a 12 oz or 16 oz size, which allows you to save a buck or two. Most juices come in one size and price only, which can be frustrating for the frugal and semi-hungry.

I am also a fan of the location. If you stand in the middle of Alberta street and slowly turn around, you can satiate every level of hunger: tea at Townshend’s (parched but not hungry), juice at Sip (in need of nutrients but few calories/probably just did yoga and want to continue feeling healthy), or vegan cake and ice cream at Back to Eden Bakery (totally ran for an hour this morning/possibly PMSing/cake is always good so why do I have to explain!?)The bottom line is: if you want juice, get it here.

2210 NE Alberta St
Portland, OR
7 days a week, 9am-8pm

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